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If you are looking to sue someone for damages, such as in the case of assault or defamation, you are engaging in a civil court action. As the criminal justice system is divided into two primary courts, criminal courts handle crimes against the state while civil courts handle crimes between opposing parties of people.

During a civil trial, a judge and jury will examine all evidence and decide whether the defendant should be held liable for the damages alleged by the plaintiff. Additionally, a defendant is given the opportunity to refute any of the claims made by the plaintiff.

After both parties have presented their cases, the judge and jury will consider who is liable and to what extent. To give an example, you may sue your healthcare provider for $10,000,000 on the grounds of medical malpractice. A judge and jury may rule in your favor, citing that you received injuries and losses due to the negligence of your doctor. However, a judge and jury may also rule that your healthcare professional's negligence does not equate to a $10,000,000 settlement and offer you a lesser amount.

Unlike criminal cases, the resolution offered in a civil case may benefit both sides. For instance, during a divorce case, two parties may present arguments concerning several issues, such as child support, alimony, spousal support, and child custody. After hearing both sides, a judge might award one party with child custody and another with alimony. No matter the specifics of your civil law case, Rasco Law Firm is here to help you reach the verdict you desire.

With more than twenty-six years of experience as a civil trial lawyer in Texas City, TX, Cris A. Rasco will provide you with all the civil lawsuit lawyer, civil litigation attorney, and civil rights lawyer services you need to win your civil suit.

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