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Irrespective of the nature and scope of your business interactions, there are numerous laws and regulations that govern them. These laws are known broadly as commercial laws, and they will influence any business dealings you have. No matter the nature of your business, Rasco Law Firm is here to help you deal with any legal situations you may be up against.

With over twenty-six years of experience as a commercial litigation attorney in Texas City, TX, Cris A. Rasco will serve you with commercial litigation and case evaluation skills you need to maneuver the world of commercial law. As a leading business dispute lawyer and business law attorney, you can rest assured that he will help you reach the resolution you are looking for. Our commercial law services include contracts, real estate law, landlord and tenant agreements, and debtors and creditors.

If you are looking to draft or enforce a contract, we will serve you with the legal assistance you need. From personal loans to car sales, contracts are promises that are enforced by both federal and state laws. Irrespective of the form of contract you need help with, we will see that everything is done correctly.

If you are a looking to become a homeowner, we will see that you avoid any unnecessary setbacks. From the sale of your home to the building codes that govern its construction, there are various layers of legality involved in purchasing a home. Our legal team will serve you with the direction and guidance you need to make successful real estate transactions.

We offer various services geared towards landlord and tenant agreements. If you are a tenant and feel that you are being mistreated by your landlord, there are many legal avenues for recourse. Conversely, if you are a landlord and feel as though one of your tenants is breaching your contract, we will help you enforce it.

There are many laws that restrict the level of intrusion that creditors can place upon debtors. From calling your home at obscene times to making threats, some creditors will employ illegal means in an attempt to recover a payment. Our legal team will see that you prevent creditors from encroaching upon your privacy. We are devoted to helping our clients reach their legal dreams and aspirations.

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